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There is little doubt that index-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are the investment phenomenon of the twenty-first century, for individual investors and financial advisors alike. Rapid adoption is demonstrated by total U.S. ETF assets now topping 500 billion dollars. Their popularity stems from convenience, low cost, transparency and the wide range of investment choices they offer. ETFs now number well over 600, with more coming every week, and range from broad diversified market funds to increasingly specialized offerings by market capitalization, style (growth, value, dividend), industry sectors, geography, as well as short and leveraged varieties, bonds, commodities, and currencies. And that's the rub.

With such a proliferation in the number and type of ETFs, the old Wall Street cliché about a rising tide lifting all boats is woefully inadequate. Different asset classes and market segments can be highly uncorrelated as they take turns leading, following their particular business cycles. With its ETF ranking and an investment strategy that is easy to follow, ETFTide allows you to profit from the top, best performing and overall strongest ETFs, regardless of asset class, geography or industry sector.
ETFTide Advantages:
The ETFTide Portfolio consistently outperforms market indexes, returning almost 20% annualized since 2003 (see charts to the right and "Results" page)
Our founders are recognized ETF investing pioneers and have an uncanny ability to devise profitable investment systems
Their proprietary ranking filter and model narrows the vast universe of ETFs to the investment worthy few with strongest momentum
You profit from ETFs by knowing exactly which to buy, which to sell, and when
The low maintenance ETFTide Portfolio consists of 5 funds and is rebalanced only once every 4 weeks
Equity Curve since 1/6/03 (as of )
ETFTide vs S&P 500
Tides are always rising somewhere, and ETFTide keeps you invested in the strongest ones.

ETFTide Portfolio
S&P 500
Annualized return since 1/6/03*
Cumulative return since 1/6/03*

* As of
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