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ETFTide offers individual investors a proven and systematic strategy to target top performing ETFs by focusing on the asset classes, industry sectors and geographies with the strongest momentum. Our proprietary ETF Ranking provides an automatic 5 ETF portfolio which you rebalance once every 4 weeks. Following the ETFTide strategy is easy and the rewards can be quite remarkable.

 Getting Started
Getting started with ETFTide is extremely easy. Assuming you already have a brokerage account, all you need to decide is how much money you want to invest with the strategy.

You can start at any time as the ranking is updated weekly to insure you begin with the most up-to-date portfolio. The ETFTide system is run mid-morning each trading Monday and the ETF Ranking is published on the Web site no later than 2:00 pm ET. A short Weekly Commentary is posted on the Web site and sent to active subscribers by e-mail on Mondays, no later than 9:00 pm ET. The latest and archived commentaries can be viewed on the "Weeklies" page after you log in. To establish your portfolio and keep it rebalanced, simply follow these steps:

Getting started with ETFTide:

  1. Log in to the ETFTide Web site and obtain the Top 5 list from the "ETF Ranking" page
  2. Create your portfolio by taking five equal-size positions in the Top 5 ETFs
  3. Hold and forget your positions for 4 weeks
  4. When the 4-week holding period is up, rebalance your portfolio by selling the ETFs that are no longer in the current Top 5 list and replace them with the new ones
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 every subsequent 4-week period

Convenience, low cost, transparency and profit potential makes ETFs the preferred investment vehicles for many investors. There are now well over 500 index ETFs available ranging from diversified broad market funds to increasingly specialized offerings. Alas, different asset classes and market segments can be highly uncorrelated as they take turns leading, paced by their particular cycles, leaving the majority of investors powerless to distinguish between ebbing and flowing tides. As a result, ETF investors mostly position themselves in static allocations of "safe" broad U.S. market indexes, occasionally spiced-up by home run attempts based on semi-educated guesses, gut feelings or hot tips.

Our research and experimentation with momentum-type investment approaches covering over 25 years confirmed consistently superior returns through all market phases. Our founders have a track record of devising successful trading models. They gained industry recognition and respect as ETF investment pioneers with their innovative Trend Timing index investing method (see "About Us" page for more details).

ETFTide offers a previously unavailable system to intelligently harness the potential and diversification of ETFs.

 Investor Profile
Our typical subscribers are long-term oriented and seek a low-maintenance all-weather investment approach. They are aggressive enough to accept the volatility and occasional drawdowns of the hottest ETFs in exchange for higher long term returns, and lower overall downside risk than buy and hold investing. They do not have the time or desire to spend their days studying markets and trading, and with ETFTide they only need to monitor and trade once a month. And if that is still too much, the staff of our sister company, MARKETTREND Advisors team, is happy to manage their ETFTide portfolio for them.

There are no prerequisites or particular investment experience requirements, and no complicated methodology to learn. Because of this combination of simplicity and performance, we believe that ETFTide belongs in any investor's portfolio. You could start with as little as a few thousand of dollars or millions. The money can be in regular brokerage accounts or any qualified retirement accounts that allow trading of individual stocks. Thanks to the inherently limited downside risk and the fact that funds are not tied up for long periods of time, ETFTide is also well suited for managing portions of a retiree's nest egg.

 Our System
Our ETF selection methodology is driven by our proprietary model for which not all details are disclosed. After reducing the vast ETF universe to just one specimen per major ETF category, we apply our ranking system to extract the 5 top ETFs. The ETFTide model is purely mechanical and relies exclusively on ETF historical technical data to identify the funds, and thus the market segments, with the strongest momentum. We define momentum as relative strength which is quantified by our Strength indicator. We look for strength over various time periods up to many months. This translates into little trading with on average only about 25% of our 5 ETF portfolio getting traded every 4-weeks, for an average ETF holding period of close to 4 months.

Rebalancing consists of trading up your account to match the then current top 5 funds of the ETF Ranking by selling those that are no longer listed and replacing them with the new ones. This keeps us invested in a fixed number of positions, and we monitor and trade on a known fixed schedule, once every 4 weeks. Because all of our ETFs are unique in their category, the ETFTide Portfolio is always diversified amongst 5 distinct market segments. The ETFTide Portfolio is always fully invested, but not necessarily in the stock market. Since our ETF categories span various asset classes, at times our allocations could rotate to defensive assets such as precious metals, currencies, bonds, or real estate, which enables the ETFTide system to outperform the broad stock indexes even during severe equity bear markets (See FAQ on "Bear markets").

 Our ETF Selection
ETFTide strictly focuses on ETF investment vehicles because of their convenience, low cost, transparency and the wide range of investment choices they offer. Closed-end funds and mutual funds play no part in our system. We screen the vast universe of index ETFs traded on U.S. stock exchanges and we select the cream of the crop, the handful with the strongest momentum, and the ones with the highest prospects for continued gains.

After eliminating funds with undesirable characteristics, such as not being index-based or not having at least one year of history, we organize them into categories by asset class, market capitalization, style, industry sectors, and geography. At last count we have 111 distinct fund categories for which we then select the one best ETF representative. The best frequently is the first fund which pioneered the category, the oldest, and the largest. The reason to select a single ETF per category is to always have a diversified top 5 portfolio which is invested in the five strongest market categories.


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